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Category: Sports Injuries

Athletes can deal with various injuries while performing their sport. Look to our knowledgeable medical staff at Integrated Health Solutions for the proper treatments to get you back playing and doing your best.

  • Aug

    What Are the Different Kinds of Hamstring Injuries? 

    You’ve probably heard people say they “pulled a hamstring,” but you may not know what that phrase exactly means. A hamstring injury is a tear in the muscles in the thigh and back of the knee. This condition can be very painful and even cause mobility issues, particularly if left untreated. While hamstring injury refers … Continue reading "What Are the Different Kinds of Hamstring...

  • Jun

    Knee Pain After Running: What to Know

    Running is a great way to improve heart health, manage stress and spend time outdoors. Despite its plethora of health benefits, however, runners are at risk of injury and pain. Running is a high-intensity activity that places immense stress on the knees, meaning athletes need to...

  • Apr

    Common Sports Injuries

    Exercising is one of the best-known ways to manage weight, reduce your risk of chronic illness and improve your overall quality of life. Many people choose to play sports as means to get active. Whether you play sports competitively or casually, you need to learn how...

  • Dec

    Preventing Long-term Complications from Sports Injuries

    Sports are a great way to exercise and have fun with others. Unfortunately, there are certain risks associated with sports, including falls, sprains and head injuries. Your best bet is to take all necessary safety precautions to stay safe, but if you’ve already been injured, don’t...

  • Nov

    How to Relieve Joint Pain During Colder

    Do you face achy joints every winter? Have you noticed your knees, ankles and hips becoming stiff and sore once the snow starts to fall? It’s not a mere coincidence: many people develop or experience worsening joint pain when the cold weather rolls around. Winter weather...

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