Ask A Chiropractor: How Can You Treat My Neck Pain?

Ask A Chiropractor: How Can You Treat My Neck Pain?

Ask A Chiropractor: How Can You Treat My Neck Pain?

Ask A Chiropractor: How Can You Treat My Neck Pain?

February 02, 2021

If you suffer from neck pain, you know first-hand how debilitating it can be. From impacting daily functions to preventing you from living a happy life, back pain is a hassle. It is essential to receive the proper treatment for your pain to restore your normal daily routine pain-free. Despite its high treatment rate, however, neck pain continues to be one of the most prevalent conditions in the United States. Many avoid seeking treatment for their neck pain due to the two most popular treatment options: costly surgical procedures and potentially addictive medication. Fortunately, the Integrated Health Solutions team can help relieve and even eliminate your mild to severe neck pain with several chiropractic treatment options. 

Understanding Neck Pain

Muscles in the neck are among the hardest workers in the body. On average, the human head weighs around 11 pounds, meaning your neck is responsible for keeping over ten pounds of bone and tissue upright throughout the day. Due to this, neck muscles are highly susceptible to strain and tension caused by poor posture and bad sleeping positions. In addition, sports and auto accidents are significant causes of neck pain. While a serious illness or severe condition does not cause most neck pain cases, heart attacks, fibromyalgia, meningitis, and arthritis are also leading causes of pain. 

How an Experienced Chiropractor Can Help Your Neck Pain

Due to the range of treatment types, chiropractic medicine is a highly-effective way for that suffering from neck pain to find relief. In fact, studies have shown that those who sought treatment for their neck pain from a chiropractor saw a higher rate of continued pain reduction after 12 weeks compared to those who were using medication as their primary treatment. 

Similar to other medical conditions, neck pain does not have a one-size-fits-all treatment plan. At Integrated Health Solutions, our chiropractors have an arsenal of treatments proven to help our patients overcome their pain and return to their happy selves. Our treatment options range from massage therapy to more advanced services such as:

  • Adjustments: Sudden but calculated force is applied to either the entire spine or just your neck to help improve range of motion, pain, and stiffness.
  • Decompression Therapy: Through electric muscle stimulation, therapeutic laser, or heat, chiropractors lengthen the spine to help relax and reabsorb bulging discs.

How to Determine Treatment Options

Since there are numerous directions you can go with treatment for your neck pain, a chiropractor will perform an initial, in-depth exam to determine the best route to take. During this examination, your chiropractor will look at key indicators such as posture, range of motion, and how you walk to pinpoint where the issue is stemming from. Additionally, your specialist may perform a neurological exam to evaluate muscle strength and reflexes and check for potential nerve damage. From there, a treatment plan is devised that will allow for optimal pain relief.

If you are experiencing neck pain and are looking for non-surgical, drug-free treatment options, contact the experienced chiropractic team at Integrated Health Solutions. We offer several chiropractic services to help ease or even eliminate your chronic neck pain. Connect today to schedule your consultation.

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