5 Ways To Protect Your Back During Physical Activity

5 Ways To Protect Your Back During Physical Activity

5 Ways To Protect Your Back During Physical Activity

5 Ways To Protect Your Back During Physical Activity

October 31, 2022

When you’re busy with your regular workout, your back likely isn’t the primary concern on your mind. Exercising requires our full attention, so it’s easy to overlook the potential impacts of poor posture or inadequate stretching. So what happens if you get injured during your workout? 

It’s true that physical activity has countless benefits for our physical health, but it’s important to mitigate the risk of injuries and other complications. Back pain is one of the most common exercise-related injuries. The spine is a delicate part of the body, and even low-impact forces can affect your spinal health. If your exercise regimen has left you feeling sore, talk to a chiropractor at Integrated Health Solutions. These strategies will help protect your back during your next workout. 

Don’t Skip Your Warm Up

Between work and caring for your family members, finding the time to exercise is in itself a challenge. While you may feel the need to get right into the main workout, skipping the warm-up can lead to trouble. Our bodies aren’t meant to go from 0 to 100, so if you immediately start working out without preparing your body, then you are putting yourself at risk for strains. Muscles are very delicate and tear when exerted. Save yourself the pain by taking even just five to ten minutes to stretch and go for a light jog beforehand. In doing so, you can reduce the risk of injury.

Be Mindful of Your Back

Back pain can happen when we least expect it. If you don’t pay attention to how you are treating your back during your exercise, then you may run into some soreness later on. Certain exercises, such as sit-ups or push-ups, place large amounts of pressure on the back. Stability is key: you might consider investing in an exercise ball to reduce the strain on your back. Similarly, a soft mat provides support and keeps your back off the ground. 

Maintain Good Posture

If you’ve searched for back pain remedies in the past, you’ve likely been told that posture can make a world of difference. It’s true: poor posture of any kind can distribute forces along your spine in a way that causes pain. When exercising, it’s too easy to ignore your posture, especially if you are a beginner. Take a moment to ensure that your back is straight and properly aligned. Good posture is essential to back pain prevention since slouching during exercise increases the risk of injury. 

Start Off Easy

Whether you are lifting weights or training your endurance, start off small. Plan your exercises so that they gradually increase in difficulty. Trying to do too much too soon can lead to bodily pain, particularly in your lower back. 

Regularly Visit a Chiropractor

If you still have pain despite doing everything right, you may have symptoms of an underlying issue affecting your back. Herniated discs, muscle injuries and other issues take time to heal. While you may want to get back into your exercise regimen as soon as possible, letting your body heal is key to maintaining your health. Chiropractic adjustments can reduce the risk of injury and keep you at your best performance. 

To begin, call Integrated Health Solutions. We look forward to supporting your fitness goals. 

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