5 Ways to Naturally Relieve Neck Pain 

5 Ways to Naturally Relieve Neck Pain 

5 Ways to Naturally Relieve Neck Pain 

5 Ways to Naturally Relieve Neck Pain 

December 10, 2019

Neck pain is often a distressing condition. The pain might be sharp if you try bending your neck, or it might be dull and constant. Given the neck’s proximity to your head and spine, one thing leads to another. You soon find yourself dealing with daily headaches and even migraines.

For most people, neck pain will go away on its own, given enough time and rest. However, there are cases in which neck pain doesn’t go away. If medicine isn’t for you, don’t worry: you have plenty of options! Whether you woke up with a tight neck or developed whiplash as a result of a car crash, Integrative Health Solutions can help you naturally cope with your pain. Here are five ways you can manage your neck pain without using painkillers. 


If your neck has been causing your problems lately, it’s time to get out the yoga mat. Yoga is effective against many causes of neck pain, especially that which is caused by stress. Yoga’s helpfulness is two-fold. It reduces your stress as you focus on your breathing and turn your thoughts inward. Also, stretching your body is an excellent cure for neck pain since you are relaxing those taught muscles. You can do stretches that specifically target your neck. All in all, yoga is an amazing pain reliever.   

Advanced Medical Team

One of the best ways to reduce neck pain is to try chiropractic care and medical treatments! The goal is to realign your spine through a series of spinal manipulation exercises. Often, our spines become curved from poor posture, uncomfortable sleeping positions, or injury. By aligning the spine, the pressure in your neck goes away. Chiropractic care is best used alongside other treatments, like physical therapy! We encourage you to speak to our doctors to see what treatments would be best for you.  


Getting active is an easy way to reduce neck pain. Exercising while you’re in pain might not sound appealing, but resist the urge to go lay on the couch. Pushing past the initial discomfort is absolutely worth it! The more you exercise, the more energy you’ll have. You’ll keep your body at a healthy weight, strengthen your muscles, and boost your mood. All of these factor into your ability to manage pain, including neck pain.  

Eat Anti-Inflammatory Foods

When healing, consider changing up your diet. Diet is probably not the first thing that comes to mind when you’re looking for pain relief. However, know that the food you eat plays a huge role in your body’s response to pain. Reducing sugar and trans fats, which are known to cause inflammation, and replacing them with healthier foods can reduce the amount of inflammation in your body over time. 

Get a Massage

Not only do massages knead out the tension from your neck, but they are relaxing! Sometimes, neck pain develops from stress. When you’re stressed, you may subconsciously tense your muscles, leading to built-up tension and knots in your muscles. Massages can give you peace of mind, making it less likely that you will experience a tense neck. You may opt for massage therapy, where the treatment is more intensive than your average massage but is specifically designed for pain relief. You truly can’t go wrong with this option. 

Call a Chiropractor!

If self-help measures aren’t enough to improve your neck pain, it’s time to call a chiropractor at Motus Integrative Health. Our team is ready to help you overcome your neck pain. Contact us today to schedule an appointment. We look forward to meeting you! 

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